Payment Options


Dental Insurance

At Patterson Family Dental, we work hard with insurance companies to make sure you maximize your benefits. If you have dental insurance, we will estimate your specific coverage for the procedure performed at your visit. You will be asked to pay your portion of the fee the same day treatment is rendered. If you would like us to estimate what your portion will be before your visit, we will be happy to do so. If the insurance payment will be sent directly to you, we ask that you make the payment in full at the time of service. Any payment not covered by your insurance will be your responsibility.


No Dental Insurance

No insurance, no problem. The cost of your procedure is the same as a patient with dental insurance. The only difference is, instead of paying premiums each month, you pay in full for your dental procedures. If your dental needs are minimal, you may see financial benefit to this route. We ask that you be prepared to pay for your appointment in full at the time of service. We are always glad to estimate the amount of your appointment ahead of time.


Finance Your Dental Payments

We are happy to offer interest-free financing of your dental payments through CareCredit. With CareCredit you can finance 100% of your dental treatment with no annual fees or pre-payment penalties. For amounts greater than $200, we offer six months interest-free payments. For amounts less than $200, we offer 30 days interest-free payments. If you would like to get approved for CareCredit financing, we can help you with the paperwork here at our office.